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Fw: Re:Attention Paleolife Artists

This guy in Thailand has put the work of several paleoartists on his website without permission or attribution, including YOUR work (e.g., your famous _Tyrannosaurus_ that was featured in "Deep Impact" -- you know, the original of which I've been salivating over ever since you exhibited it at the Planetarium, and you wouldn't let me put into safe keeping in the back of my pickup even though a hurricane might hit us one of these days, and who knows when east central Florida  might be hit by a tsunami or an off-course space shuttle?).
We need to nail this pirate and nail him HARD!
See you tomorrow,
-= Tuck =-
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Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 2:30 PM
Subject: Re:Attention Paleolife Artists

  >  I thought I'd put this on the list since so many list members are
affected or know an artist who's affected. There is an internet pirate in
Thailand who has ripped-off a number of websites of images of dinosaurs and
other prehistoric animals. Artists are not credited and copyright is being
claimed by the owner. A LOT of you are here. I give the page for
Tyrannosaurus, but there are a number of other categories listed--you'll find
me on the mosasaur page. I SHOULD be paid quite a bit for this. Remember our
little copyright discussion?
    I don't know what can be done about this (probably not much), but I
wanted to put out this alert so you'll know why your artwork starts popping
up elsewhere. Here's the url:
    Dan Varner<
I'd also like to know what could be done about this? If anyone has any suggestions I/we would love to hear some.
Todd Marshall