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Re: Attention Paleolife Artists

Yay! I had four images pirated! I feel so special...I did send the following
message to the webmaster, however:

"It has come to my attention that you are currently showing at least four
dinosaur images of mine without either asking for permission or giving proper
copyright credit. Please remove them from your site immediately. The images in
question are the Velociraptor image in row 1, column 1, and the following
Tyrannosaurus rex images: row 1, columns 2 and 4, and row 3 column 2. If you 
to know more precisely which images these are, please let me know.

I, too, am thinking that Disney would love to know who is using their images

Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

>     I thought I'd put this on the list since so many list members are
> effected or know an artist who's effected. There is an internet pirate in
> Thailand who has ripped-off a number of websites of images of dinosaurs and
> other prehistoric animals. Artists are not credited and copyright is being
> claimed by the owner. A LOT of you are here. I give the page for
> Tyrannosaurus, but there are a number of other categories listed--you'll find
> me on the mosasaur page. I SHOULD be paid quite a bit for this. Remember our
> little copyright discussion?
>     I don't know what can be done about this (probably not much), but I
> wanted to put out this alert so you'll know why your artwork starts popping
> up elsewhere. Here's the url:
> http://www.siamguru.com/images_search/special/tyrannosaurus%20rex_en.html
>     Dan Varner