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Darren Naish wrote-

> I cannot find any plant name database on the www (my usual port of
> call is http://www.biosis.org.uk/triton/indexfm.htm) but assume that
> this was named before _Galtonia_ Hunt and Lucas 1994. I think I
> remember hearing that it's Ok for plant and animal taxa to bear the
> same names but, even so, I thought this was interesting.

This is a bit off-topic, but if a plant and animal can have the same name,
what about other organisms?  Where does the definition of "animal" and
"plant" stop when it comes to nomenclature?  Could you hypothetically name a
chondrocyte the same thing as a demosponge?  And what about fungi,
eubacteria, archaea and viruses, not to mention the many unicellular

Mickey Mortimer