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RE: Attention Paleolife Artists

Just a quick reply on this (I know it is in fact totally off-topic):
recently I saw a method to turn off the context menu (right-click) in a
webbrowser that has JavaScript support and a high enough version number
(i.e. the current browsers like IE5). This means that right-click on an
image and then choosing "Save as..." does work any more.

Of course it nowhere near full-proof, since if you look at the HTML source
you see the URL to the image and you can still download that directly, but
for perhaps 90% (or more) of the webbrowsing population this will be enough
to prevent them from saving your images as separate files since this is the
method most people know of and use.

This is from memory, but I think the code was something like this:

<BODY  ...whatever...  OnContextmenu="Return false;">

Hope this at least helps some...

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jarno Peschier (postbus@jarno.demon.nl via jpeschier@impuls-sw.nl)

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> Van: David Krentz [mailto:David.Krentz@disney.com]
> Verzonden: maandag 5 maart 2001 18:50
> Aan: Danvarner@aol.com
> CC: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Onderwerp: Re: Attention Paleolife Artists
> Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
> > I thought I'd put this on the list since so many list 
> members are effected or know an artist who's effected. [...]

  This is one reason why I haven't put any flat work on my website! 
Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to how to make digital
images hard to copy?  This guy in Thailand even had the guts to put
Disney images on his site.  That's just plain crazy!
  David Krentz