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FW: message from SiamGuru

I sent an email to the webmaster of the paleoart site with a simple question:  How do you ask permission from the artists to post their images, and if you do have permission how come the artists are not listed next to their work? 


Here is part of the response I received. (it was also sent directly to a few other list members)


Jenny Lando

Assistant Coordinator/Paleontology of Dinosaurs

Moveable Museum

Education Department:AMNH

Central Park West @ 79th Street

NYC NY 10024


212-769-5329 (fax)



I would like to apologized for using your images without asking permission or giving credit to you.  We'd taken all of your images out off our web site already.  It was done unknowingly and not deliberately by our technical team. 


We never intend to keep any of the images shown on our site with us.  We only act as a pointer so that people can find things on the Internet- in form of webpages, music or images.  I would like to thank you for bringing this problem to our attention.  We are in the process of rectifying this problem in our Special Collection- should be finished within the next few weeks.  All the images shown will be from search result which can be linked directly to the owner's website.

I deeply regret any problem we might have unknowingly caused.

With regards,

Duangmanee Sukhum

General Manager