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At 7:22 PM -0800 3/5/01, Mickey_Mortimer wrote:
Darren Naish wrote-

 I cannot find any plant name database on the www (my usual port of
 call is http://www.biosis.org.uk/triton/indexfm.htm) but assume that
 this was named before _Galtonia_ Hunt and Lucas 1994. I think I
 remember hearing that it's Ok for plant and animal taxa to bear the
 same names but, even so, I thought this was interesting.

This is a bit off-topic, but if a plant and animal can have the same name, what about other organisms? Where does the definition of "animal" and "plant" stop when it comes to nomenclature? Could you hypothetically name a chondrocyte the same thing as a demosponge? And what about fungi, eubacteria, archaea and viruses, not to mention the many unicellular eukaryotes?

Ohhhhhh. How about when ichnotaxa have body fossil names as well, or are misidentified as body fossils? You just have to stay on top of it, outside of dinosaurs. They did live on a planet with lots and lots of other "stuff" -albeit some will consider that stuff overburden, underburden, and coeval burden. That "stuff" is all part of the paleoecological landscape and needs to be considered. For the most part, the ICZN does somewhat address these issues.

Yes, it's bothersome to find a plant and a trace with the nearly the same taxonomic identification. Early on "fucoids" were thought to be plants (Hall. J., White, I.C., Orton, E.O., and many others, 1840's -1880s') - no big deal; that was then, this is now. I look at it and say to myself: "what is this trace fossil and how does it impact my life?"(and my research) and I move on.
We do manage to get over it. ;^)

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