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Re: Critique of a critique

Mickey Mortimer wrote (quoting from Storrs Olson's critique of Chiappe et al.'s description of _Confuciusornis_.)

"Thus, if Chiappe et al. actually understand the true significance of >Confuciusornis, then they have done their best to prevent it from >being revealed. Their paper will stand as an exemplar of manipulation >of information to conform to preconceived ideas, but it is otherwise >insufficiently credible or comprehensive to constitute a lasting >addition to knowledge."

Please!!! Could the pot be any blacker??!!

The "manipulation of information to conform to preconceived ideas" is the building blocks of the ABSRD (Anything-But-a-Small-Running-Dinosaur) origin of birds. Just look at the way that _Longisquama_, _Megalancosaurus_ and _Scleromochlus_ have been dragged by the scruff of their necks into avian phylogenies.

As Mickey has said, there is even evidence that some nonavian maniraptorans may even have been arboreal. Perhaps ABSRD should stand for "Anything-But-a-Small-RAPTORIAL-Dinosaur".



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