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Re: Critique of a critique

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 11:08:47AM -0600, Tim Williams scripsit:
> As Mickey has said, there is even evidence that some nonavian maniraptorans 
> may even have been arboreal.  Perhaps ABSRD should stand for 
> "Anything-But-a-Small-RAPTORIAL-Dinosaur".

I _think_ it was Gregory Paul who sugguested an origin of flapping in
small dinosaurian scansorial leapers on the grounds that the hips and
pelvis don't allow much leg motion other than directly fore-and-aft;
if they wanted to change leg orientation to grab a branch, they would
have to roll their whole body to do it.

Has anyone done any further work with that hypothesis, do you know?

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