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Re: Bakker comment

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 01:50:37   
 Gavin Rymill wrote:
>I read in an interview, the following statement from HP Mr Bakker.
>"There are some early Jurassic footprints of dinosaurs sitting down with 
>feather like impressions by their feet. These were discovered in 1838, but 
>restudied two years ago. "
>Surely a find this significant must be represented in images by someone 
>somewhere!! Can anyone help?

I *think* that this quote comes from my interview with Dr. Bakker.  Anyway, 
these tracks were discussed recently on the list.  I don't recall exactly when, 
but I would search the archives.  I do think that the "feathers" were actually 
fronds or leaves, or some vegetation.  I don't recall exactly.  I think that 
they were found somewhere in New England, and are in the Pratt Museum's 
Hitchcock Collection.  Unless these are different tracks....


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