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Re: Bakker comment

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From: Steve Brusatte <dinoland@lycos.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2001 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: Bakker comment

> On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 01:50:37
>  Gavin Rymill wrote:
> >I read in an interview, the following statement from HP Mr Bakker.
> >
> >"There are some early Jurassic footprints of dinosaurs sitting down with
feather like impressions by their feet. These were discovered in 1838, but
restudied two years ago. "
> >
> >Surely a find this significant must be represented in images by someone
somewhere!! Can anyone help?
> Gavin,
> I *think* that this quote comes from my interview with Dr. Bakker.
Anyway, these tracks were discussed recently on the list.  I don't recall
exactly when, but I would search the archives.  I do think that the
"feathers" were actually fronds or leaves, or some vegetation.  I don't
recall exactly.  I think that they were found somewhere in New England, and
are in the Pratt Museum's Hitchcock Collection.  Unless these are different
> Steve
Dear list,

    There was a poster at the 1999 SVP meeting on this. The trackways are
from Early Jurassic Connecticut, and are in the possession of the Polish
Academy of Sciences. The Polish museum even commissioned a 1/1 scale
feathered dilophosaur sculpture that is currently on display at the Academy.
The trackways clearly show the feet up to the tarsals in a resting
possition. The controversy seems to be what impressions are between the
feet. They looked a hell of alot like feathers to me.
    I'm  sure there's someone on the list that knows more about this than I
do. I welcome any new information.

 Cliff Green