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<< T. horridus and T. prorsus do overlap somewhat temporally, but there are
 periods where the only Triceratops kind in existence was the T. horridus

     Is there now enough resolution to Hell Creek/Lance straitigraphy across
the large area in which it is exposed to make such a statement? I remember
the difficulties encountered by trying to divide the North Dakota Hell Creek
into members. This was a while back, however...

Depends on which state you are in. You can try to follow me up and down the vertical column between the Meeteetse and the Lance in northern Wyoming this summer if you care to.

I've got the contacts between the Teapot/Meeteetse and the Meeteetse/Lance pretty well nailed. I measured the Meeteetse allostratigraphically meter by meter last summer. This summer, I am going in for a closer look.

I can't speak for definitively separating the Hell Creek/Lance yet allostratigrpahically, and I'd have to make a strafing run in to Montana to really do that well. I have time. There are a number of people interested in that strata. I'm making a higher resolution "longhorn." The progress report is in press (AAPG); the paper discussing the initial research is in progress (along with at least 6 others).