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Re: Bakker comment (stupid joke) [and FACTUAL humor...:)]

Marilyn Wegweiser quoted:

>>...To which I (Ray Stanford) must add:
>>     It is also an excellent way of finding fossilized feces (coprolites)
>>that dinosaurs stepped in, leaving nice footprints.
>>     Ray Stanford
>>Mother dinosaur to Juniorsaurus: "Son, didn't I warn you never to step in
>>that nasty stuff?!" :)

And Marilyn added:

>Right after she said:"Don't gulp your food down. You *know* you'll throw

    Hey!  I may have found some of that, too; but haven't noticed any with
tracks in it -- not as yet, anyhow. :(  But if I find any, Marilyn, you'll
be the first to know.  :)

    Ray Stanford