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Re: [Re: _Scipionyx_ and diaphragms again]

Not only is there a lack of pubic kinesis in theropods, but the whole thing should never have been published for lack of a proper correlation between liver morphology and function. Livers have many functions, not the least of which is digestive enzyme production. As a byproduct of enzyme production, animals who consume and digest large amounts of food in short periods of time(like endothermic carnivores) need large livers to quickly produce the large amounts of said enzymes needed for digestion. This is especially true of quick growing juveniles. If you can, get ahold of any documentation of ratite juveniles (the first Emu Farmers Handbook has great photos), you will see that their livers are even larger than that of Scipionyx. How the paper was published without proper investigation/discussion of alternative liver use (and correlative morphology) is beyond me. You'd think that establishing causal relationships would be a good thing in science...


P.S. Also, the posterior position of Emu trachea are in the _exact_ same position as that of Scipionyx. It would seem not to preclude airsac respiration then, no?
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