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Re: T.rex Footprint

Well thanks Marilyn, I seen and have a link to the pictures of the T.rex Footpint.

Thanks Anyway,


>From: Marilyn Wegweiser
>To: gasperex@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: T.rex Footprint
>Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 15:46:07 -0500
>>Hello all,
>>I hope everyone on the DML are all going good?. Well I want to know
>>if there is a website out there which has is more info about the
>>T.rex Footprint that was found not to long ago? And is there a
>>picture of it also?
>>all the best,
>What do you want/need to see photos of theropod footprints for?
>I have some published data (AAPG mtg, Denver, June, already in
>and some photos from that poster, that will also be included in an
>upcoming research paper from later this year that I maybe don't mind
>maybe sharing. (as long as they don't get blasted all over the

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