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Re: T. rex Track

    Steve Coombs asked for the name of the book with a description and photo of the track (natural track cast) attributed by Martin Lockley to T. rex.
    That book is:  DINOSAUR TRACKS and other fossil footprints of the western United States, by Marttin Lockley with Adrian P. Hunt, Columbia University Press, New York, 1995, ISBN 0-231-07926-5 (acid -free).  This book is, recently, available in a quality soft cover version.  I highly recomend the book to all persons interested in learning about dinosaur tracks, as well as Lockley's other books on tracks.
    Of course, it is available, new, through amazon.com; but one might locate a good-condition, previously owned, hard cover copy, using bibliofind.com or some other book-search engine, for a better price than, say, the new soft-cover version.
    And, I don't know where the person who set up the web page (link in my earlier post) on the T. rex track got the mistaken idea that there could be a 60 foot T. rex.  Sounds like an exaggeration, to me.  But the other information is quite useful, I think.
    Ray Stanford