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Sinornithosaurus in Nature

I assume everyone knows about this, but the paper "Branched integumental structures
in Sinornithosaurus and the origin of feathers" by Xing X
u, Zhong-he Zhou & Richard O. Prum can now be viewed or downloaded (for a price; the abstract is free) at http://www.nature.com/nlink/v410/n6825/abs/410200a0_fs.html.

I can't wait to see what Feduccia et al will say about this one.  Will it be (choose one):

1.  The structures are collagenous fibers (despite the fact that the paper was discussed with Peter Stettenheim, who ought to know a feather when he sees one)
2.  Sinornithosaurus is a bird
3.  The authors have committed a fraud.

One interesting point: Feduccia (or whoever) cannot use the argument that a "real" ornithologist would know better.  Richard Prum is a genuine, card-carrying ornithologist known for his work on suboscine passerines.

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