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Re: Sinornithosaurus in Nature

Ronald Orenstein wrote-
I can't wait to see what Feduccia et al will say about this one.  Will it be (choose one):

1.  The structures are collagenous fibers (despite the fact that the paper was discussed with Peter Stettenheim, who ought to know a feather when he sees one)
2.  Sinornithosaurus is a bird
3.  The authors have committed a fraud.

I'd say "2" is his best bet.  If he can make Caudipteryx a bird, Sinornithosaurus (which is very similar to Archaeopteryx) should be no problem.  Just ignore cladistic analyses, find the many bird-like characters also seen in other eumaniraptorans (and ignore that last fact) and credit Sinornithosaurus with bird-like characters that it actually lacks, and there you go: instant bird.  Of course we are all ignoring the highly probable option 4- Bird feathers were washed on top of the Sinornithosaurus holotype, so the feathers are simply associated incorrectly.  I should have known! ;-)
Mickey Mortimer