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Re: Sinornithosaurus in Nature

Mickey_Mortimer wrote:

1. The structures are collagenous fibers (despite the fact that the paper was discussed with Peter Stettenheim, who ought to know a feather when he sees one)
2. Sinornithosaurus is a bird
3. The authors have committed a fraud.

I'd say "2" is his best bet. If he can make Caudipteryx a bird, >Sinornithosaurus (which is very similar to Archaeopteryx) should be no >problem.

Yep, but to quote from Tom Holtz (I haven't read the full article yet):
"The authors point out that, in general, the filamentous integumental
appendgages as preserved of _Sinornithosaurus_, _Beipiaosaurus_, and
_Microraptor_ are indistinguishable from the contour feathers as preserved in _Confuciusornis_, _Eoenantiornis_, and _Chanchengornis_."

It may be even more difficult to ram _Beipiaosaurus_ and _Microraptor_ into the Aves. Again, square pegs into round holes. I look forward to the ABSRD take on this paper.


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