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Regarding Sauropod Necks

Good day fellow dino-nuts!

I?m writing with just a simple request (I hope!). I?ve recently opted to do some in-depth research into the physics and mechanics of sauropod necks for my OAC (grade 13) physics class independent study. I have found numerous resources both in my own personal library and on the Internet, but was wondering if anyone else could please point out some more resources that I might have missed, be it scientific papers (of which I don?t have any on the subject), links, books, etc. I will be sure to delve thoroughly into the DML?s archives as well.
Also, seeing as how most everyone else in my class will be fabricating catapults, bridges, and the like, I am also leaning towards building a model of my own, illustrating the ?nuts and bolts? behind sauropod necks. Any ideas as to how I might do this?
My proposal is due when I get back from March break at the end of this coming week, and I would very much appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance!

-Jordan Mallon


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