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Re: In Nomine Dinosauri (...et avis, et oviraptoris :-) )

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> The "mani-" part of Maniraptora is perfectly OK.  It is regular in Latin
> an unaccented short -u- in a non-initial, non-final syllable to change to
> -i-.  For instance, the dative/ablative plural of "manus" ("hand") is
> "manibus", even though it consists of the stem "manu-" plus the ending

Oh! Oops! Plainly forgot that :-] (another example: man_i_pulate).

> The problem with Maniraptora is that it has a neuter ending on a masculine
> stem.  It should by Maniraptores, or it should be converted into an
> by the addition of an -i-: Maniraptoria.

Interestingly, most higher animal taxa are neutral, and I don't have any
idea why. For example, in the early 19th century, people did write
Ichthyosauri and Plesiosauri, but all these have become -sauria, and I don't
know how.