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Sinornithosaurus did it (Nature in Germany)

Hello fellow list members,

Dr. Holtz wrote some days ago that there's a report in Nature 410: 200-204 
"Branched integumental structures in
_Sinornithosaurus_ and the origin of feathers.". I'm very keen on getting a 
copy of this issue of Nature, and of course every other interesting issue. 
This question of dinosaur integumentary structures and feathers is one of my 
favorites topics.

  Problem is that I'm not capable of getting Nature anymore here in 
Bremen/Germany where I live. Some years ago I could buy it at the main 
station and one book store. Among the issues I possess are the Giganotosaurus 
and the Brooding Oviraptor issue. But this suddenly ended. They don't have it 
anymore and I were told there to subscribe to Nature!

  Luckily I work close to the university where I can get photocopies of 
interesting reports. But this is no full replacement 
with the loss of colour (only black and white copier there!) and resolution 
in these photocopies.

  So Sinornithosaurus did it to me, to interesting this report. I'm very 
tired of this state of things. Is there any possibility in Germany to get a 
copy of the current issue of Nature without to much additional costs, the 
same for back issues?

  BTW, would the online version of Nature be an alternative, meaning being 
able to download single reports for a fee?

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Heinz Peter Bredow