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Re: New book for kids!

On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Bruce E Shillinglaw wrote:
> Hi, all!
>     This is just to announce the publication by Clarion Books, (a bit
> earlier than expected!) of "Dinosaur Parents, Dinosaur Young" By Kathleen
> Zoehfeld, featuring color paintings by Paul Carrick and stipple drawings by
> yours truly! (It's my first published work, so forgive the giddy excitement
> here... :-) ) If you have kids, this should be a worthy addition to your
> (thier?) library. If you don't, and you happen across it, let me know what
> you think! Buy it if you like it - Kathy, whom some of you met at the Graves
> symposium, and who is a very nice person, will probably get some royalties.
> I won't. It's a start...

Amazon link


no pic of the cover, tho