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RE: Jurassic Park Institute: Dinosaur Field Guide

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> Jordan Mallon
> I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but recently Amazon.com
> has posted
> a book to be released later this summer, called _Jurassic Park Institute:
> Dinosaur Field Guide_.  Although it is supposedly written for
> children ages
> 9-12, it looks interesting enough and is written by Holtz and
> Brett-Surman,
> and is illustrated by Robert Walters.
> Perhaps HP Holtz could be kind enough to fill us in on what to expect of
> this...
> The link to Amazon.com can be found here:
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0375812938/dansthelostworld

Hmmmm...., hurm....,

Um, I guess "wait until the publication comes out"? :-)

In brief: lots of dinosaurs, a few non-dinosaurs, how to dig and prepare
dinosaurs, and more.  However, absolutely NO instructions on cloning your
own dinosaur: that is proprietary information of JPI and their owners, InGen

And "toot, toot" [= tooting my own horn], another forthcoming book for the
The Little Giant Book of Dinosaurs, text by me, illustrations by Terry Riley
(i.e., don't blame me for the art...).  One of the first dinosaur book for
the 9-12 year old crowd organized on cladistic lines.

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