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Re: Sinornithosaurus in Nature

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

I can't wait to see what Feduccia et al will say about this one. Will it be (choose one):

1. The structures are collagenous fibers (despite the fact that the paper was discussed with Peter Stettenheim, who ought to know a feather when he sees one)
2. Sinornithosaurus is a bird
3. The authors have committed a fraud.

course we are all ignoring the highly probable option 4- Bird feathers >were washed on top of the Sinornithosaurus holotype, so the feathers >are simply associated incorrectly.

Or option 5 - The presence of feather-like structures is a primitive archosaurian character retained in _Longisquama_ and theropods - but _Longisquama_ is *still* a better candidate for the origin of birds because (1) it shows gliding adaptations and (2) is arboreal.

Of course, (1) is an inference based upon a functional interpretation of _Longisquama_'s "feathers"; and (2) is an inference of _Longisquama_'s lifestyle based on (1). (Since we don't know what _Longisquama_'s legs looked like, it may very well have hopped around like a jerboa using its dorsal plumes for attracting a mate.)

I'm looking forward to see how BAND/ABSRD proponents explain _Sinornithosaurus_'s feathers away. I don't expect to see any white flags flapping in the breeze.



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