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Re: Longisquama update and good science

At 20.03 12/03/01, you wrote:

>     I apologize if I wasn't clear, but I wasn't upset that a paper on 
>Longisquama was published, I was rather upset that one was published that 
>didn't properly substantiate its claims and failed to site previous work on 
>the subject. 

I agree with you **completely**.
My reply was not a negative comment on your posting, but exactly the reverse.
Indeed,  other paleontological papers appeared in Science made me little
perplexed, (e. g.: parasagittal Eudibamus, hepatic piston Scypionyx).  I
did not add comments on this aspect, however, because my reply  was aimed
to hear feedbacks and opinions about these recent thougths on this and
other interesting small diapsids (they are not dinos, but I feel them as
not completely off-topic).


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