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Re: Anatomical terminology

In all the Human Anatomy, Osteology, and Anthrolpology
classes I have taken (my minor) we have used these 
"new" terms for many years now (over 20 years!). 
By definition aren't all vertebrae dorsal? So we
wouldn't call any vertebra 'dorsal' so just simply
caudalmost or even distalmost is permissible.
And rostral is for creatures that have a rostrum... a
human could not have a true rostral feature from what
I have read.
It really isn't that bad but I am surprised that this
terminology has made its way to paleontology. It will
make for more labored reading for people in the future
going back over the literature and not understanding
the ones we have been using.

> << So "most caudal dorsal vertebra" would be a valid
> phrase? That *is* kinda 
> ugly.... >>
> It would be "caudalmost dorsal vertebra."

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