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Re: GALTONIA (zoology vs. botany)

In a message dated 3/14/01 1:23:36 AM EST, bh480@scn.org writes:

<< The electronic search issue is one of the reasons I feel 
 the spelling Richardoestesia should be accepted as-is 
 rather than replaced with Ricardoestesia at this point. 
 It's spelled Richardoestesia in the Zoological Record, 
 BIOSIS, Georef, etc. If the name is switched after 10 
 years of one usage, it means that researchers will have to 
 remember to look up two very similar spellings for the 
 name to find all the literature they need.  Because the 
 spellings are so close, it won't be as obvious as checking 
 synonyms used at various times (looking up Tarbosaurus 
 refs under Tyrannosaurus literature, for example). >>

In other words, we should allow the computers control us, rather than us 
controlling the computers. I say instead, let's change to the correct form, 
Ricardoestesia, >without further ado<, so that the name, spelled the way the 
authors wanted it, will begin accumulating in the published literature. 
Eventually the spelling Ricardoestesia will predominate, but only if we begin 
using it forthwith.