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Mike Taylor wrote:
<<I wonder how many
more of you share with me a total lack of intuition for what meters
and kilograms _feel_ like. >>
I think many do,  but the same  is true for  me (Italian ) and other people using the metric system....I'm ok with a 33 inches long  baseball-bat,  and I can feel a difference  of half a pound if I have to swing it,but that's all I can do...and baseball here is not very diffused , so I'm lucky;-)
Another way would be to think it terms of TV screens.....mhh
<< That is, if I read that a certain theropod
is 4m long, I can't form much of a mental picture of it; but once I've
multiplied by 39/12ths, I'm fine envisaging an animal thirteen feet
long.  Is it just me?>>
 no it's everybody(i think)