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Fwd: Re: Flying pterosaur model

This is a message from Clemente, who designed a model pterosaur.

My first pterosaur model was only something vaguely ressembling a pterosaur
(and wich one?), done
in a hurry to participate on a contest. I estimated a wingspan of about 50
feet, with the pilot
hanging between anatomically incorrect but very showy legs. Everything was a
joke, but I got involved and prepared a good structure; then the contest
sponsors (red Bull) limited the wingspan to 30 feet(a palm tree was near the
take off ramp). I had to cut the little fingers because the composite arms
where already done. Proportions, center of pressure, gravity center, all
went to hell. Also, all the modif used up the time we had for testing and I
ended up using a control triangle borrowed from a hang glider, disguised as
legs.We had a good time but only got the fourth place and that hurt my pride
terribly. All the time I was looking for more info about my old love the
pterosaurs. Fascinating creatures. They where no joke, but very efficient
flyers with some clever solutions to structural and aerodynamic problems.
Wings work more like those on a sailplane than the ones on the primitive
hang gliders.
 Now, to rest at ease, I must finish the original idea. I made an Ultralight
tug (which is a pleasure to fly, I tell you) to tow the sonufabitch and I am
working on a aerodynamic balance to fit on top of my station wagon and test
with some safety and precision.
I plan to use it as a glider, but a dirty idea crosses my mind when you
speak of flapping wings.
Perhaps we can articulate the wings at the junction and suspend the weight
with bungee cord muscles. Then, flap it with the pilot's leg muscles.That
will no propel it but will look really terrific!.
I am not an engineer, just your regular crazy fellow. I made my first plane
on the '78 and learned to fly with it (used my racing motorcycle engine).
Now I fly everything that I can make or get my hands on. Really
irresponsible, but I enjoy myself. Getting a bit old in the teeth, lately.
Do you know how to contact McReady?.
Must leave now, bye and take care.

He was referring to Paul McCready of Aerovironment, who created that flying Quetzalcoatlus model. If anyone knows how to contact him, please e-mail Clemente, bedbugs@terra.es (not me).

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog Mines and Geosciences Bureau Philippines