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Pre-signoff request (off topic)

He Gang,

I forgot to ask y'all something in my OMNH announcement. The other day my 
email software crashed amd wiped my ENTIRE address book! I have lost hundreds 
of email addresses, most from members once and/or still active. 

So while I am gone would those of you out there who wish to, please send a 
BLANK email to me just so that I can recover most of my lost addresses.

In the subject line just put YOUR NAME especially so if your email address is 
nothing like your real name. That way I can cut and past at my liesure when i 
return lest i have to type it all by hand. And as you can see, I cant type 
wopth a sh%^#t!

Thanks in adavnce! Apologies in advance!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies