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Re: My/Our Computer(s) (zoology vs. botany)

At 7:03 PM -0500 3/14/01, philidor11 wrote:
Marilyn Wegweiser observed delicately:
<< What's the problem with your computer?
 My computer does exactly what I tell it to do or I will promptly end the
issue with a well placed .45. Thus far, it is extremely compliant. I think
it understands me perfectly. >>
You responded badinagely:
<You don't have a metaphoric computer; that's why it works that way.>

I observe morosely:
Having rebooted 3 times in as many minutes because the computer blocked, I
have decided an either/or choice would concentrate its metaphoric mind and
unblock it faster than mineral water.  Even Kierkegard would skip his own
Either/Or ratiocinations and reach for his shoulder holster.

<hehehe> Excellent, Brian.


To appropriately train your computer, and unblocking the firmly mucus-coated coprolite of its mind and getting it to gush its little HD out to you like Spewite splattering on a rock AND thus preventing it from becoming extinct like a dinosaur (required dinosaur content):

I find that cross-drawing and facing it off with a "Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day" gleam in my eye generally brings the insidious plotting little tower lump of tan demon-plastic back in to line immediately.

Unfortunately, the little Deinonychus Carnegie Models with the adorable and stupid heart-shaped camouflage pattern that aren't Deinonychus anymore because we needed to change the name to further science and understanding without clogging our computer's intestinal tract usually duck off the top of the monitor and I have to reposition them afterwards - often pausing to wonder what position Deinonychus that isn't anymore took to reproduce anyway... oh, never mind, that was another thread . . . .

Back to the manuscript......