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<wob> Adult's Only Dino Stuff I use: Dinosaur Assortment #3

Greetings Dinolings,

Today's delectable selection of list emails has caused me to recall certain Dinosaur Products that I use with great pleasure. These are unusual products that I bet Some of You didn't know existed:

Go here:

Scroll down - all the way to the bottom:
You may wish to acquire product Dinosaur Assortment #3 - which is a lovely day-glo-orange they didn't scan in very well.

The proposed use of this unusual and fun adult product should be crystal clear.

Beats the daylights out of "Blasting Barney" and the Jurassic park 50-cents a pop game - it's still 50-cents a pop (more or less) but the THWACK is a heckuva lot more satisfying, the PING is louder,if it's on a spinning target you will laugh out loud with delight and your aggressions will disappear.

I'd like a larger selection of targets - perhaps a silhouette dinosaur is possible should any of you artist types be in the mood to get creative.

Adult Child (with PhD) Of Alien Invaders

PS: Yes, I'm for real.