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Re: ABSRD BAND on Sinornithosaurus feathers

In a message dated 3/15/01 10:37:39 AM EST, rob_redwing@hotmail.com writes:

<< Has anyone here actually seen Longisquama? >>

Dave Peters has produced the best figures of Longisquama yet published 

Peters, D., 2001. "A reexamination of four prolacertiforms with implications 
for pterosaur phylogenesis," Revista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 
106(3): 293-336.

He shows that Longisquama, Cosesaurus, Sharovipteryx, and pterosaurs are all 
derived prolacertiforms and not archosaurs. I have almost no doubt he is 
correct. He also has the best figures of Sharovipteryx and Cosesaurus yet 
published anywhere, all based on his own microscopic examinations of the 
actual specimens. Very thoroughly done! This paper, years in the writing, is 
a must read for everyone on the dinosaur list.