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Re: ABSRD BAND on Sinornithosaurus feathers

Somebody wrote:
<< If every stage in the
 evolution of a morphological structure has to be adaptive, then it is
 difficult to fathom how a simple hollow cylinder or a pine needle-like
 branching structure can be functional in an animal. >>
then Dinogeorge:
<<As usual, they overlook the obvious solution to this conundrum: the feathers
of Sinosauropteryx and some of the other Liaoning theropods are derived from
more birdlike feathers such as those seen in the earlier Archaeopteryx.>>
this is not, from my point of view,a solution; it's only moving the problem on the tree.
If they don't accept the evolutionary model proposed , then it doesn't matter what animal you're looking at.
If  a hollow cilinder doesn't make sense to them(not to me) in Sinornithosaurus, then it won't make sense in any other animal either( if it's imilar to Sinornithosaurus, and Archie surely is, and I think Archie ancestors were too).
George, what do you think Archaeopteryx's ancestor's protofeathers looked like?
Sorry if I've made a question you've already answered to, but  I can't go to the archives now(only e-mail download..argh) because of some connection troubles.