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Question about Bird DNA


this is my first post to this list..i have enjoyed reading through the
archives and now i have some questions...I am masters student at the
University of  North Texas working on evolutionary relationships within birds
of prey...I was interested on the evidence of genes responsible for tooth
formation being suppressed in birds...so why has not any more research been
done on genes that are responsible for teeth, hand, and tail development...i
mean we may never do the jurassic park thing, but if we were able to turn
these dormant genes on again, we might get a glimpse of what early birds
looked like and what small dinos looked like.. i realize that this would take
an enormous amount of work, but it is possible..i want to do my PhD and post
doc on this...and i was hoping for advice, contacts, or anyone
interested...thank u for ur time and i hope to hear from all of u soon

Lonnie A. Matson