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<...and to this day, when I want to estimate whether my car is safely 30
feet away from a stop sign, I have to estimate it in meters and then convert
it to feet in my head
(drives my boyfriend crazy).>

First, notice that you insist on thinking in a given unit because that unit
has significance for you, even though it would be more convenient to use a
different unit.  Second, notice that your boyfriend, who did not have the
experiences that changed your concepts of 'basic' units, doesn't have
immediate, instinctive empathy with your ratiocination.
That's why I could never think in a language other than English;  I couldn't
be flexible enough to change my habits of thought no matter how much
exposure I had, because the words just didn't get a response from me.  I,
too, did a continuous translation to what I found most meaningful.
So, agreed.