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I said:
<Glad we got over that unpleasantness about the metric system, too...>
You responded:
<Well, this country hasn't officially switched to the metric system, so
expecting the public to be fluent with it is probably unreasonable.>
I thought we did.  I could be wrong, but weren't dates set for various
aspects of the changeover and a Federal office set up to control the whole
gradual process?  I think I even remember that office closing down quietly,
leaving only a few speed limit signs with kilometers per hour in small print
to memorialize their passing.  The only lasting effects, I think, were that
you can't get a quart or gallon of California wine anymore and now most auto
parts are made to metric specifications.  These are substantially export
Official declarations are not necessarily the final word.  Think phylocode
might follow the same pattern as the metric conversion if it contradicts
'popular' biological concepts?