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PhyloCode implementation date

I don't think the inexact implementation year for PhyloCode (200n) is either meant to be an "out" or will be used as such (although I obviously would be happy if it was). I think they are trying to proceed cautiously (which is commendable) and proactively working out as many problems as they can.
But unless there is some unexpected development, it seems there is enough support that they will attempt to implement it. I have suggested to Cantino that the initial implementation not only exempt species names, but generic names as well, to minimize confusion if it doesn't work out. But they seem so confident of PhyloCode's success that they think the potential confusion is worth the risk.
Although Benton's criticism appears to be making them more cautious, I am assuming PhyloCode's initial implementation will be attempted in the next several years. So tighten your seatbelts, it's going to be a rough ride (unless they opt for cladisto-eclectic shock absorbers, which doesn't seem likely).
The war between cladists and eclecticists is now about 35 years old, and my own hopes for a German-style reunification are obviously going to be severely dampened when PhyloCode does go into effect. We shall see.
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I have a printout of PhyloCode in front of me now and I notice that it states the Code will be implemented on Jan 1, 200n.

Why is that? I believe the cladists are leaving themselves an "out". I remember being told that the USA was going to change to the metric system. I am still waiting.... There is a saying in our family: "I will believe it when I see it".


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