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new book

I have just received a beautiful new book, _Exhibit Guidebook of the Fukui 
Prefectural Dinosaur Museum_.  The book (208 pp. paperback) has text in both 
Japanese and English, and LOADS of gorgeous color photographs of skeletal 
mounts and other fossils, and model and painting restorations.  The big 
emphasis is on dinosaurs, but attention is also paid to plants, invertebrates, 
and other vertebrates, both pre- and post-Mesozoic.  Somebody sure dropped a 
chunk of change in putting this museum together!

It's not clear who the author of the book is, but its ISBN  is 4-9900754-1-2.  
The museum's email address is info@dinosaur.pref.fukui.jp 
and they have a website at http://www.dinosaur.pref.fukui.jp/
Presumably those folks can tell interested persons how to order copies of the 
guidebook.  Sure, and 'tis a lovely thing indeed, indeed
(sorry; got carried away by the date)

Jim Farlow