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RE: Megalancosaurus, Longisquama & other oddballs

Thomas Holtz wrote:
Sad to say, it will not be out during 2001. (One of his big tasks this summer is to get a publishable version done).

I take it Merck's paper will a major in-depth analysis for archosauromorphs, comparable to Sereno's 1991 Memoir on Basal Archosaurs. Is he considering possibly including turtles in his analysis?

Where the problem does seem to lie is with pterosaurs, as the evidence does seem to be mounting for a more primitive archosauriform position for those guys.

Don't you mean a more primitive "archosauromorph" position? And either way, the question is whether taxon Ornithodira will be abandoned or will become much more inclusive (perhaps more so than Archosauriformes).

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