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BSU Geology Summer Field Course - Please Join Us!

Paleo-types, Rock-types, Students, Grad Credits Needed Types, Persons Who Just want to get away for awhile and learn something about geology & paleontology,

Get some real in the field experience and get college credit for it here! Ball State University (where I happen to teach) offers a geology summer field camp. Rumor has it that yours truly will be along as faculty yet once again.

The semi-tentative description of said course can be found at:

Despite what it says, you can still enroll. Right now, I think there are 13 people enrolled. More would be nice, and I think we will halt it at about 20.

Want to spend 5 days where my barbecued dinosaur bones came from? Want to go to Dinosaur National Monument and learn to measure a stratigraphic section with a Total Station? Want to perhaps meet the *real* Brent Breithaupt of SVP Benefit Auction Fame? Want to go to Red Gulch, WY and actually calculate the speed of the dinosaurs that left the dinosaur trackway?

Want to meet Dr. Demento in field-persona? (do you dare?) Want to meet Glenn Storrs from the CNHM? Want to bump in to goodness KNOWS how many (in)famous characters that may be in my path along the way?

Want to get 6 graded geology course credits for it? Graduate credit IS available for this course!

Email either me directly through here and ask me for the information OR email Sam thourgh the BSU field camp website but do it SOON! Regardless of that March 15th cut-off date, we have been known to accept people as we were pulling away from the curb. So, there is still time. We are going anyway - OI am blatantly attempting to ensure that I will be going too - because regardless of whether or not I am teaching I will be in WY this summer doing field work on barbecued dinosaur chronostratigraphic layers.

I had a blast last year. I've gotten the "Bio-Hazrd" sticker off of my tent the undergraduates put there so that they could just point whenthe authorities came and asked who was in charge..... ;^)

Have a great weekend!
Marilyn W.

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                        Marilyn D. Wegweiser, Ph.D.
                Adjunct Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
                     Cincinnati Natural History Museum

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