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<addendum> Geology Summer Field COurse - Added Benefits

Correction #1) I see that it is a cut off of 30 people so that is GOOD! The more, the merrier! It's like herding cats out there......

Added Benefit #2) Many of you have asked me HOW did I do it in just 5 short months? Do what, you might ask.....

Field Camp - It's "Marilyn's Desert Diet Plan" - I lost 45 pounds and I can't count how many inches. Oodles. Looking forward to peeling additional excess weight off this summer during the next field season. Got rid of that "PhD 50" as they call it, (what you gain when you are writing your phud) and then some. Went from the size 12 you might discern in the pictures in the FC Slide Shows to a for-real honest-to-goodness size 6 woman. Darn, it feels good to be fit again! <GRIN>