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Re: Anatomical terminology

Barry Kazmer [Teoslola] (bkazmer39@yahoo.com) wrote:

<'coccyx'  is the five small bones at the caudal (posterior)
(Most distal)(way down there) end of the sacrum!!!!!>

  the coccyx is formed from muscle supporting proximal caudal
vertebrae, not part of the sacrum. One may note that, except in
anurans, no vertebrates have a sacrum comprised primarily of the
caudals. The sacrum is typically composed of dorsals first, then
caudals, and the synsacrum becomes comprised of dorsals, with a
few caudals to support femoral adductor and extensor
musculature. Mammals support a coccyx, such as in bovids,
whereas the first several caudals are not integrated as a
caudo-sacrum [urostyle?] but are united proximal to the free
caudals, which do not support hip muscles.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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