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Re: Adaptive advantage

Ron Orenstein wrote:

<Not really a good model for dinosaurs.>

  Here's a terrestrial animal that does not fly, does not have
flight in its known ancestry, nor does it possess any difficult
problems with its metabolism that has to be worked out before we
can think it can do something like ambush leaping onto prey 6
times its own body length (for such a big animal) ... or should
I not mention jaguars again? Mikko Haaramo and I have talked on
the mechanical properties of arm movement in birds, and I've
compared this to jaguars and cats in general. These animals are
ancestrally arboreal, based on primitive carnivorans (fossil)
and so there are several parallels that could be considered in
the evolution of birds. Thus, grounds up and trees down are both
possible, and both in the same scenario, as well, so that BCF
applied to cats makes sense, and this suggests (at least to me)
that dinosaurs could have been both arboreal in their ancestry,
and birds stemming from the inherent arboreal features retained
in small theropods would have just as easily climbed back into
trees to hunt or nest, then back down to hunt or nest, and it is
quite possible that they could have done both (*Archaeopteryx*
strikes me as a terrestrial/scansorial predator, nesting on the
ground and leaping from rocks and such to hunt....,
*Microraptor* as an arboreal hunter strictly, leaping


  is my concept of a flesh and "fur" version of this latest
Liaoning animal. Watch out, it's rather big.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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