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Re: PhyloCode implementation date

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From: "Ken Kinman" <kinman@hotmail.com>
To: <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 4:42 PM
Subject: PhyloCode implementation date

>      But unless there is some unexpected development, it seems there is
> enough support that they will attempt to implement it.  I have suggested
> Cantino that the initial implementation not only exempt species names, but
> generic names as well, to minimize confusion if it doesn't work out.  But
> they seem so confident of PhyloCode's success that they think the
> confusion is worth the risk.

There seems to be consensus on the PhyloCode mailing list that the PhyloCode
should not be implemented before it covers species names; about 15 methods
have been suggested for converting species names into phylogenetic taxonomy,
and although some methods seem not to be strongly supported by anyone, there
is no consensus yet.

>      Although Benton's criticism appears to be making them more cautious,

They say that there are enough Recommendations etc. that have been dealing
with Benton's criticism even before Benton published them.

> I am assuming PhyloCode's initial implementation will be attempted in the
> several years.

Probably. I just wonder what will become of the BioCode, the last attempt to
unify the Codes for Linnaean taxonomy... it, too, will be implemented on "1
Jan 200n". www.rom.on.ca/biodiversity/biocode

> So tighten your seatbelts, it's going to be a rough ride
> (unless they opt for cladisto-eclectic shock absorbers, which doesn't seem
> likely).

Hmmm... just to stay in this analogy... probably cladists will prefer to
learn to fly over merely using shock absorbers, and they will regard the
PhyloCode as wings...

>      The war between cladists and eclecticists is now about 35 years old,
> and my own hopes for a German-style reunification are obviously going to
> severely dampened when PhyloCode does go into effect.  We shall see.
>                     -------Ken

Interesting analogy... The German reunification wasn't a 50:50-affair,
rather, the western part has won and the eastern part has lost this part of
the Cold War. Probably, IMHO, it will be the same in taxonomy -- the
PhyloCode will win out...