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New Brachiosaurid from _Naturwissenschaften_

This just in:

2001.  Lim, J.-D.; Martin, L.D.; & Baek, K.-S. 2001. The first
discovery of a brachiosaurid from the Asian continent.
_Naturwissenschaften_ 88 (2): 82-84.

  Yes, that's Larry Martin. A short communication, it's just a
single tooth. The abstract reads:

  "Described here is a sauropod tooth from the Early Cretaceous
of South Korea, similar to Brachiosaurus . The crown of the
tooth is beveled off lingually so that when worn it presents a
chisel-like edge. This find confirms the presence of a
brachiosaurid in East Asia during the Early Cretaceous."

  Access to the paper online is restricted to subscribers
so I can't get this any easier.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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