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Re: PhyloCode implementation date

I can't imagine a moderate like Cantino wants to see the entire PhyloCode implemented all at once (including species names). If the more radical proponents prevail and this is done, the probably of failure will increase dramatically, but it could do even more damage before it fails than if cooler heads like Cantino prevail. If PhyloCode succeeds at all, it will be due to people like Cantino.
And as for the flying analogy, even airplanes need shock-absorbers when they need to land. If phylogenetic taxonomy tries to do too much too fast, a catastrophic crash landing could not only hurt cladistic classification, but cladistic analysis as well. I for one do not look forward to a cladistic crash landing, because that would be a lose-lose situation in many ways.
David Marjanovic wrote:
>Hmmm... just to stay in this analogy... probably cladists will prefer to learn to fly over merely using shock absorbers, and they will regard the PhyloCode as wings...

Interesting analogy... The German reunification wasn't a 50:50-affair, rather, the western part has won and the eastern part has lost this part of the Cold War. Probably, IMHO, it will be the same in taxonomy -- the PhyloCode will win out...
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