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Re: probably going offlist on the metric system etc. (long, combined answer

David Marjanovic wrote:

> > and why rods haven't stayed in
> > use right along with acres.
> See, yards and feet will disappear the same way.

I'm a professional land surveyor, and this is the first I've heard about rods
disappearing from use.  When did it happen?

> > <...and to this day, when I want to estimate whether my car is safely 30
> > feet away from a stop sign, I have to estimate it in meters and then
> convert
> > it to feet in my head
> > (drives my boyfriend crazy).>

A meter is less than 10% longer than a yard.  Many years ago, when teaching a
class in fire direction control in the military, I suggested that the metricly
challenged simply estimate visual distances in yards and call 'em meters.  Since
virtually no one can visually estimate distances within 10% anyway, it worked
just fine.  Works in reverse too.  Notice that it applies only to visual
estimation, not to map reading.

> (How's my English, BTW? Do I make systematical mistakes? Please tell me...)

Your English is great.  I wish mine were half so good.