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Re:prolacertiformes as arboreal leapers,.

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Date: Saturday, March 17, 2001 4:42 PM
Subject: Re:prolacertiformes as arboreal leapers,.

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>Subject: Re:prolacertiformes as arboreal leapers,.
>> PS....I`ve seen pictures of Tanystropheus depicted in a bipedal stance as
>> well. In primates, bipedalism came about as a consequence of arborality.
>> Perhaps a parallel development was the case for Prolacertiforms???
>Never ever -- unless you find a _brachiating_, tailless prolacertiform.

Why do you think it had to be a "brachiator"???  It is my opinion that the
presence of both horozontal and vertical substrates on which to locomote
(which would be the case in an arboreal enviornment) might lead to more
freedom of motion in the hips, as well as a more upright stance and
parasagittal gait.