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Re: Megalancosaurus, Longisquama & other oddballs

In a message dated 3/18/01 2:22:27 PM EST, tmk@dinosauricon.com writes:

<< It might be a good idea to revise the definition of _Dinosauromorpha_
 (currently Clade(_Dinosauria_ <-- _Pterosauria_)), too, since it would
 also greatly expand if _Pterosauria_ were not included in _Archosauria_.
 Clade(_Iguanodon bernissartensis_ <-- _Pterodactylus antiquus_,
 _Crocodylus niloticus_) might be better. _Pterosauromorpha_ (currently
 Clade(_Pterosauria_ <-- _Dinosauria)) may need revision, too, or it might
 become a synonym of _Prolacertiformes_ (has this ever been defined?)
 (which already might be a synonym of _Protorosauria_). >>

This is a nice dose of the problems inherent in being too inflexible with the 
definitions of higher taxa.